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Where professionals find freedom.

Discover the backing and benefits of big consulting and staffing, and the freedom of independence and the best pay.

I was making $55 hourly through my previous company, and now I’m making $78 hourly with Indugo. The rate to my client actually came down a few dollars, so everybody won. I’m making about $43,000 more per year, a huge impact for my family. Signed up for all the benefits too.
So happy with Indugo valet service and am treated like never before. Thank you.
— Jay Lambert

Are you a current full-time professional staffing consultant, 1099, contractor, or have gone independent? Get paid your value. Go indugo!

Discover the backing and benefits of big consulting and staffing, the freedom of independence, and even more pay; without the difficulty of opening or running your own corporation.  It’s what you’ve been waiting for. 

Stop giving what you have earned to a staffing provider or consulting firm.  Discover Indugo’s Opensourcing®. The whole new way of providing services in the knowledge economy. 

  • Highest Pay in Professional Industries

  • Sign-On Bonuses for Everyone

  • Fidelity 401K Group Plan

  • Premier Benefits

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield Group Medical

  • Prescription Drug Plans

  • Delta Dental Group Plans

  • Vision Group Plans

  • Disability Insurance

  • Life Insurance

  • Opensourcing ® Business Model

  • Fully Structured Ecosystem

  • Free Contracts Legal Advisement

  • Personal Valet Services

  • No Account Executives

  • No Waiting on Payments

  • Personal Time Off

  • Free Training Systems

  • Build Your Own Indugo Group

  • Free Community of Professionals

  • Established Payroll Systems

  • Easy-to-Use Timesheets

  • We Handle Corporate Tax Filings

  • Direct Relationship with Your Client

  • Free Indugo Applications Stack

  • Determine Your Own Rate

  • Regular Perks

  • Control Your Own Destiny

  • No Interference with Your Client

  • Support for Client if Requested

  • Referral Bonuses Every Time

  • Your Own Schedule

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Finally, you don’t work for “the man”. You have the mic and we are listening. Go indugo!

Discover consulting and contracting freedom with indugo, The best pay in the professional and technology businesses. A full suite of premier group benefits including; medical, dental, vision, life, disability and more.. 401K plans, perks, sign-on bonuses and the list goes on.

The new age of consulting and staffing with indugo Opensourcing®. Go indugo!